Nourish. Discover. Become.

N  O  U  R  I  S  H      W  H  O     Y  O  U      A  R  E

Reconnect to your inner wisdom and come back home to yourself.

Hi! I'm Michelle

I'm a Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

 My mission is to help individuals live healthier lives from the inside out. Through my own journey building the knowledge and skills to overcome diet culture, emotional eating, and perfectionism, I know how amazing it feels to nourish your mind and body from a place of attunement, self love, and care. Through my professional training, I have gained tools and perspective to help you achieve success on your journey, as well.

I offer individualized coaching for people seeking lasting change, tired of trying all the new diets, tired of feeling at war with yourself, tired of needing escape, tired of the guilt, tired of feeling stuck. 

Health is a process of body, heart, and mind. Together, we will work from the inside out to build skills of emotional resilience, self compassion, and attunament to self. From this  place of healing, we will work together to reach your goals and find lasting change. 

What You'll Get

Learn to Trust Your Body

Ditch the dieting, food rules, and restrictions, Your body was designed with all the signals you need to regulate your eating. You are not programmed to over eat. It's distraction and disconnection that leads to overeating. Together, we'll navigate back to your innate body wisdom. It's in all of us - I promise it's in you!

Stop the Food Fight

Tired of feeling guilty about what you eat? It's time to stop the food fight. It's time to enjoy your food while you nourish your body. In this program you will make peace with the foods that have brought anxiety or guilt. You will

Tools for Lasting Health Change

Diets and meal plan work for a few months. The tools you will learn in this program will last the rest of your life. Focusing on self control and be self defeating. Instead of self control, we'll build self trust. Step out of the diet cycling and into a deep trust and partnership with yourself.

Recentering on Your Life Purpose

When food and weight consume your thoughts, it's hard to center on your true purpose. As we work to transform these areas of your life, you will find new capacity to pursue a life of meaning and fulfillment, leading from your strengths and guided by your wisest self. 

Health isn't a number on a scale or a clothing size. Health is a relationship with yourself,  an attunement to mind and body, a responsive caring for your needs. 

Restore your relationship with food and body

We were all born with the inner wisdom to know how much, when, and what to eat. As we go through life, many influences stifle that intuition. As we grow, our high stress pace of life sends us turning to food to help stifle emotions we never learned to regulate in healthy ways. Diet culture tells us to restrict and starve ourselves, leading to rebound over eating. Through coaching, we'll cut through all these layers and restore connection to your wisdom within, who you were always meant to be. 

Restore your relationship with yourself

Have you ever felt broken? Disconnected, stuck, confused, unhappy where you are but unsure how to move forward? I have. The most powerful discovery I have ever made was that inside of me there is something fundamentally whole, full of clarity, compassion, curiosity, calm, confidence, creativity, courage, and connectedness. Through my IFS informed approach to coaching, we will rediscover these same qualities in you.

How It Works

12 private online coaching sessions, 1 hour each

Personalized goals based on your needs and priorities

Tools and exercises to drive deeper awareness and change

Email me any time in between sessions